RediMIXES - injection mixes expertly formulated for C elegans transgenesis

RediMIXES: You access our expertise in design and formulation. We send you a mix optimized for generating a specific genome edit.


Three Step Process

  • Step 1: Consult with us on your transgeneics need:
  • - targeted gene knock-outs
    - Precision exon deletion
    - Floxed alleles
    - Point mutation insertion
    - Knock-in of GFP
    - Add pull down tag
    - Create heterologous transgene expression
  • Step 2: Knudra makes the right mix and provides a screening protocol.
  • Step 3: You use your team's efficieny to inject and find transgencis.

pm-RediMIX - point mutation - CRISPR mix for making targeted point mutations as specific amino acid swaps or indels in a gene.

pd-RediMIX - pecision deletion - CRISPR mix for making a TrueDEL precision deletion of entire gene coding sequence.

have a custom mix idea? email us