C. elegans RediMIX

Knudra designs and makes injection mix - You inject and find transgenics.

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  • Fast - inject and isolate transgenic line in as soon as 10 days
  • Easy - 3 steps to transgenics
    • step 1 - Request a specific project type
    • step 2 - Knudra designs and makes injection mix
    • step 3 - You inject animals and screen at your liesure

Prices Starting at $495

Optional protocol, services and screening reagents available upon request.

Project Specificity

rm-RediMIXMake Indels - Quickly produce loss-of-function alleles by random mutagenesis.

pd-RediMIXObtain Precision Deletion - Knock out all coding elements so there is no need to wonder about partial function anymore.

pm-RediMIXInsert Point Mutations - Model human disease mutations to bring higher relevance to your work.

tn-RediMIXTag Native Locus - Put in GFP, or any other tag, at any position in the genome.

fx-RediMIXMake Floxed Alleles - Put in loxP, or similar sites, so that you can make induced conditionals.


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