RecombiREAD a tool for rapid discovery of genome-edited animals.

RecombiREAD is a fluorescent reporter of genome editing events.  RecombiREAD measures the level of activation of homologous recombination. It helps detect which embryos or cells have undergone activation of precise genome editing events.  

Red embryo

Use of RecombiREAD speed the discovery of transgenic in an injected population.  Only homologous recombination activated embryos show Red fluorescence. Use RecombiREAD to rapidly screen for good guide RNA sites in your CRISPR transgenesis experiments.  Use RecombiREAD with donor homology oligo and make point mutations that mimic human disease genes.  Use RecombiREAD to help find low copy integration of GFP reporters, Western-blot affinity tags, or human transgene insertions.   A wide variety of uses are possible when RecombiREAD is deployed to find rare genome integration events.

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