Knudra Transgenics and Nemametrix Join Forces to Expand Sales and Marketing Initiatives

Salt Lake City, UT. — October 10, 2016. Knudra Transgenics, a genome engineering company specializing in building transgenic model organisms for research and drug discovery, has entered into a co-marketing partnership with Nemametrix Inc., a fast-growing life sciences startup that created the innovative ScreenChip System for drug screening, mutant phenotyping, and toxicological assessment.

Uniquely aligned in their mission to reinvent how diseases are researched, Nemametrix and Knudra Transgenics will work together to expand access to new markets and sales opportunities in academic and commercial labs around the world.

“We are thrilled to partner with Knudra, a company with proven technical expertise in C. elegans genome engineering as demonstrated by their groundbreaking RediModel System and RecombiREAD technologies,” said Matt Beaudet, CEO of Nemametrix. “Paired with our ScreenChip System platform, we expect this partnership will dramatically expand our reach into labs that have not traditionally used C. elegans — enabling new breakthroughs in ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, and anti-aging research with our combined capabilities.”

As part of the co-marketing partnership, Nemametrix and Knudra Transgenics will cooperate on marketing materials, research, and resources. This will include a co-presentation at the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) 2016 meeting entitled Whole animal data for cell biologists: extend your understanding of your genes, proteins, and pathways with accessible in vivo research. Both companies will also have shared exhibits at the ASCB meeting being held on December 3rd and the Society for Neuroscience meeting on November 12th 2016.

Potential for further marketing, sales, and co-development partnerships between Nemametrix and Knudra are in the works. “In working with Nemametrix, we expand the reach of our service platform. The research client gains access to a series of validated disease models in our easy-to-use RediModel System. Then, by analyzing the animal model on Nemametrix’s ScreenChip System, the researcher can quickly characterize the role of human disease gene polymorphisms for their contribution to disease pathogenesis. We expect the combined platform strengths wilt lead to a significant acceleration of the pace of medical research and discovery.  This agreement is our first step on the path to a long and productive relationship with Nemametrix,” said Knudra’s founder Chris Hopkins. “This is an exciting period of growth the C. elegans community.”

About Nemametrix. NemaMetrix is a biotech company located in Eugene, Oregon driving discovery in animal models of human disease using C. elegans screening and phenomics. Maintaining active collaborations within the academic research community, we help provide insights into complex biological mechanisms through our core technology, which integrates microfluidics and electrophysiology.

About Knudra Transgenics. Knudra Transgenics is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and specializes in transgenesis services in C. elegans and zebrafish. From the affordably priced Inject Express service to the premium Full Build service, clients receive products that accelerate their research progress and scientific knowledge.

TAP Funding Leads to $1.6 million SBIR Investment from NIH

Knudra Transgenics is proud to announce it is the recipient of a FastTrack SBIR Award. A total of $1.6 million is provided by the National Institutes of Health to develop and optimize Knudra’s RecombiREAD reagent for zebrafish transgenesis. Critical in getting the SBIR investment, a USTAR funded TAP project provided the key preliminary data in C. elegans demonstrating RecombiREAD allows discovery of rare gene-edited animals in large populations.

SBIR STTR America's seed Fund

In the newly funded work, Knudra will adapt the RecombiREAD reporter to become functional in vertebrates. The zebrafish model organism is the chosen vertebrate for study because it provides an easy-to-use embryo for optimizing RecombiREAD discovery. In the age of democratization of genome editing with new tools such as the CRISPR/Cas9 system, there is now a growing screening burden in finding animals that contain the changes desired in their genomes. RecombiREAD holds promise as the tool with the potential to reduce the post-microinjection screening effort by as much as 300 fold. As a result, discovery of biallelic gene insertions becomes much more likely at the downstream step of tissue biopsy verification. Users of RecombiREAD will get immense saving in their transgenesis projects because they will obtain a dramatic reduction in expensive animal husbandry.

Statements in this press release blog post are Forward Looking. Funding activities reported are supported by Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the National Institutes of Health under award number R44HD090831. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.

USTAR TAP Awarded to Knudra for RecombiREAD Product Development

Knudra Transgenics is a recipient of a TAP technology advancement award from Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) initiative

Funding has 3 milestones.  

  • milestone 1: Get full demonstration of RecombiREAD utility and submit patent application.
  • milestone 2: Demonstrate RecombiREAD enables screening by day 1 in C. elegans.
  • milestone 3: Demonstrate RecombiREAD enables screening in zebrafish.

1,000th Transgenic Now Delivered

Knudra gets a predominate share of its customer volume from its C. elegans clients.

We just shipped our 1,000th lab strain in Caenorhabditis elegans!
1000 transgenic C elegans now served

In celebration, Knudra is offering discount deal of $495 for another 30 animals on Inject Express service.  Offer ends December 2016. This to new customers and to any of those past project clients that needs just-one-more-strain for publication purposes. See the link blow to find out more

Transgenics from Knudra Published in Genetics

From the dauer expert lab of Patrick Hu, comes a publication by lead author Albert Chen:

This paper stresses the importance of isoform studies. Chen et al 2015 uncover the role of isoforms in having significant capacity to influence metabolic output. These studies were done when MosSCI was the only tool for single-copy modification of the genome.  Now, with the perfection of CRISPR transgenesis, expect these kinds of isoform-specific transgenics to be easier to perform and be more commonplace in the literature.

in trans Subscription Service

Knudra has started a subscription service to get you discount on Inject Express service

Get those injections done under a simplified billing process.

Many clients are repeatedly using our Inject Express service.  Generally the billing hassle requires unique PO each time which adds a layer of bureaucracy that impedes getting work done. We save on billing and you get a discounted service.  With subscription service, Inject Express clients can sign up for 1 per month, or more. A one month roll-over plan helps your group to adjust to the ebb and flow of plasmid construction.  For more details contact as the link below