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N2 Standard Strain Kit


N2 is C. elegans wild isolate and is the standard control strain wild type phenotype reference. Strain originaly issolated from Bristol, England. Generation time is about 3 days. Brood size is about 350.

RediMODEL Kit Details:

Each kit arrives with 3 frozen tubes of N2 RediMODEL-wt and all materials needed for 2+ days of growth.



Genotype and phenotype data provides a capacity for researcher to monitor and retain authentication, as per NIH guidelines.

Genotype data:

PCR Assay

The N2 RediMODEL-wt line is verified and followed by PCR (typically done in comparison to a mutant allele such as a knock-out ("KO") allele). The gel image in On Agarose Gel Difference shows the expected PCR band pattern in an agarose gel for the primer set supplied with the human gene RediMODEL kits.  In regards to the N2 RediMODEL-wt kit, each PCR for wild type band will depend on locus being examined.


Phenotype data:

ScreenChip Assay

The N2 RediMODEL-wt provides phenotype reference to a wide variety screening protocols. For instance a Pharynx pumping in the presence of 1 mM sertonon averages at near 3 Hz frequency as measured in a ScreenChip system assay ( as per the Low Stimulation Pharynx Pumping Protocol (P001).

strain frequency (Hz) SEM
N2 wild type 3.0 +/- 0.2

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