The academic community has been partnering with Knudra transgenic for this CRISPR projects for over 4 years. We strive to provide the highest quality transgenic designing for their specific research purposes.

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Expert CRISPR Design and Analysis

Knudra's project design team utilizes the latest predictive technologies to identify gRNA sites and homologous recombination techniques to ensure to highest probability of success.

Our projects include:

  • Bioinformatic analysis
  • Optimal protein, RNA, and DNA preparation
  • Strain verification



Exceptional Client Success

Knudra transgenics has been accelerating client transgenic deliveries. Over Knudra's lifetimes 1,500 transgenic lines have been delivered. With over 700 being delivered in the last three years alone.

Knudra provides a Pay Per Performance Guarantee. Which states that you don't pay full price for your project if Knudra cannot deliver.

Knudra's Transgenic Success:

  • Deliver on over 95% of projects
  • Timelines as short as one month
  • Prioritization Tiers to accelerate your project 


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Expert Specialist Staff

Knudra has over 8 years of transgenic experience. Each department at Knudra specializes in a specific aspect of the transgenic process. Optimizing performance and results.

Our staff are specialists in:

  • Plasmid design and cloning
  • MosSCI
  • Tol2
  • Non-genomic transgenics

Global Reach

Knudra is a global provider for the transgenic community. We have provided transgenics to X different countries hundreds of academic labs. 

Knudra strains have been used in:

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