Zebrafish CRISPR Services

Knudra specializes in custom CRISPR services in Zebrafish. We have designed and delivers over 1,500 transgenic lines to meet the research needs of our clients. Below are several types of CRISPR services we offer. 

ExonDEL - Exon deletion

An exonDEL CRISPR knock-out (KO) project is designed to delete a section of a coding sequence of any desired gene. Typically a conserved exon, or group of exons, is deleted.

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3frameSTOP - early stop codon inserted

A 3frameSTOP CRISPR project is designed to insert 3frameSTOP cassette early in a gene's coding sequence. The early stop codon from a 3 frame STOP insertion frequently creates a full knock-out (KI) allele.

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Tagging - GFP or other tag inserted

A Tagging CRISPR knock-in (KI) project is designed to insert either a fluorescent tag (typically GFP or mCherry), or to insert a pull-down tag (typically 3xFLAG, HA, or TAP).

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PointMUTATION - Swap of amino acid content

A pointMUTATION CRISPR knock-in (KI) project is designed to change an amino aicd or small region in a gene.

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RandomINDEL - Non-specific mutant generation

A randomINDEL CRISPR project is designed to randomly insert or delete content. No donor homology is used. Highly efficient but imprecise indel project that may or may not results in a Knock-out (KO).

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CRISPR project is designed to for precision deletion of a segment of a gene. 

zebrafish CRISPR exonDEL



CRISPR project is designed to insert a 3 frame stop early in your desired gene. 

zebrafish CRISPR 3frameSTOP

CRISPR - Tagging


CRISPR project is designed to tag either termini of your desired gene.  Tagging examples are GFP mCherry, 3xFLAG, HA, TAP, etc. 

zebrafish CRISPR Tagging



CRISPR project is designed to generate random mutations occurring frequently as small indels

zebrafish CRISPR randomINDEL



CRISPR project is designed to change a amino acid or other small region of coding. 

zebrafish CRISPR pointMUTATION

Zebrafish Transgenics Question


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Zebrafish Transgenics Question

Tol2 Transgenics

Tol2-mediated gene Insertion

Tol2 is a Zebrafish technology used to insert a transgene into the genome. mRNA for the transposase is injected along with the desired transgene. The transposase creates a genomic double-strand break and the transgene is inserted via homologous recombination.


Tol2 insertion

Donor homology plasmid used for large cargo insertion in the zebrafish genome.

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Tol2 transgenics


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