Knudra has optimized it's transgensis components for higher efficiency and ease of use.  

Needle Picture (1).png

Injection Needles

$100/14  - SKU: KNndls01

Knudra's pulling process allows for each needle to come with a precise opening, negating the need to break open the needle prior to injections.


NGM plates with food

$235/12  - SKU: KNngmf01

Knudra's in house NGM plates seeded with worm food.

Worm immobilization buffer.png

Worm immobilization buffer

$100/1mL - SKU: KNimbf01

Heat-inducied immobilization. C. elegans placed in the buffer will thraw normally at lower temperatures (15C) when the temperature is raised about 25C, the liquid solidifies and freezes the worm in place. Worms can be recoved from the gel without harm.