C. elegans Editing

CRISPR, MosSCI, Arrays - Knudra Has the Expertise to Provide the Transgenics You Need.

With RediSERVICE, Knudra provides a genome engineering service to fit a variety of project types. Explore the links belore for more information and ordering.

  • CRISPR - gene knock-outs (KOs) or knock-ins (KIs) in C. elegans at the native loci.
  • MosSCI - gene knock-ins (KIs) in C. elegans with expression at a neutral loci.
  • Arrays - high level expression with extrachromosomal arrays.
  • Inject Express - obtain transgenics in C. elegans with your plasmid mix.
  • RediMIXES - Expert-made DNA mix for your genome editing efforts.
Our RediSERVICE platform can be customized to the latest CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing techniques. For instance, our genome engineering expertise has been used extensively in the creation of humanized RediMODEL specifically curated for ScreenChip (NemaMetrix) authentication of phenotype quality and consistency. We also offer transposon-mediated gene insertion services utilizing the MosSCI method, which is the method of choice for building ectopic and tissue-specific expression of transgenes. Finally, we offer base injection service with our Inject Express service. If you already feel confident in your CRISPR or MosSCI designs, use Inject Express to get those exploratory injections done. Either way, the complete package in our CRISPR or MosSCI services, or the more simple Inject Express, use our RediSERVICE to get the trangenesis you need.

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