Knudra Genesis


Sanskrit derivative: knu (wet) and dra (run)


Knudra Transgenics was formed in late 2009.  Since the first client project completed in early 2010, the Knudra team has been supplying researchers and private entities custom-built transgenics.  Starting first in C elegans then expanding into zebrafish and soon to be mice, Knudra has gained the experience to efficiently get clients the transgenics they need. The Knudra Team has a combined over 30 years of experience in making transgenic organisms. Knudra uses the latest advances in genome engineering to build powerful platforms of medical discovery. Knudra has transformed its passion for genome engineering into a first-in-kind contract research service. Knudra uses technology licensed from the University of Utah to turn a small-model organisms into a platform for biomedical discovery. Our tenacious and highly-skilled team works closely with our clients to help create the tool they need to answer their tough research questions. With over 1000 transgenics delivered to over 200 clients, we have the experience to get you the transgenics that accelerate your science.