S. George Simon

Business development

Mr. Simon has over 25 years of worldwide business development, licensing, and product development experience with numerous pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device companies. Mr Simon will use his experience in pharma/biotech to negotiate deals with our pharmaceutical partners. Notably, Mr. Simon was the principal negotiator and deal architect for the one of the largest start-up financings in the biotech industry – raising $82 million in a joint venture with Hitachi and Oracle. George Simon brings a wealth of experience to the Knudra team.


Erik Jorgensen

Transgenesis Technology

Dr.Erik Jorgensen is a Distinguished Professor of Biology specializing in the genetics of neurotransmission in the nematode C. elegans. Dr. Jorgensen has over 30 years experience probing the genetics of various model organisms to study development and function of nervous systems. In addition to applying and innovating in the tools electrophysiology, super-resolution microscopy and electron microscopy, Dr. Jorgensen’s group developed methods to manipulate the C. elegans genome with a heterologous DNA transposon, the MosSCI method. As a result, Dr. Jorgensen brings a wealth of scientific knowledge in his Advisory Board role at Knudra.


Jonathan Baker

Intellectual property

Dr. Jonathan Baker is patent agent specializing in intellectual property in pharmaceutical sciences. Dr. Baker has acquired over 12 years of intellectual property expertise work by first working Senior Patent Agent with Myriad Genetics for 5 years, then as Director of Intellectual Property at Oryzon Genomics for 4 years. Recently, Dr. Baker has worked as an Intellectual Property Development Consultant at Innoventius, LLC for 3 years. Dr. Baker 's extensive IP experience allows him to efficiently and comprehensively direct the capture of Knudra's technology inventions.