TAVASERV  Transgenics Services Platform

With Over 1,000 Transgenic Lines Delivered, Knudra Has the Expertise to Provide the Transgenics Service You Need.

If you are looking for a genome engineering service to obtain gene knockouts (KOs) or knockins (KIs) for zebrafish or C. elegans, then our TAVASERV platform can be of use to you. The latest in CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technologies is used to create the RediMODEL family of transgenics that can be ScreenChip (Nemametrix) authenticated for phenotype quality and consistency. We also offer a variety of transposon-mediated gene insertion services such as MosSCI, Tol2 and PhiC, at both targeted and random integration sites.  Explore the links below to see the transgenesis service types that will fit your needs. 

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TAVASERV Transgenesis Service Types

You send Knudra a pre-made injection mix. We send you the injected transgenic animals. 


You provide Knudra the injection reagents and we inject, screen, and send you the verified transgenics.


You provide Knudra the idea. We do all the remainder. We make the DNA, perform the injections, screen animals, and send you the verified transgenics.

Targeted gene Knock outs (KO) and gene Knock Ins (KI) using single-copy gene editing is used to create rediMODEL family of  KO/KI product types.

Knudra uses ScreenChip System by NemaMetrix for strain authentication - Strain integrity verified by rapid phenotype profiling.