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TAVASERV  Transgenics Services Platform

With Over 1,000 Transgenic Lines Delivered. Knudra Has the Expertise To provide the Transgenics Service You Need.

If you looking for a genome engineering service to obtain gene knockout (KO) or knockin (KI) for zebrafish or C elegans, then our TAVASERV platform can be of use to you.  We also offer a variety of transposon-mediated gene insertion services such as MosSCI, Tol2 and PhiC for both targeted and random transgenic production.  Explore the links bellow to see the transgenesis service types that will fit your need. 

Please Select Your Transgenic Model Organism


TAVASERV Transgenesis Service Types

You send Knudra a pre-made injection mix. We send you the injected transgenic animals. 


You provide Knudra the injection reagents and we perform the injections, screening, and send you the verified transgenics.


You provide Knudra the idea. We do all the remainder. We make the DNA, perform the injections, screening animals, and send you the verified transgenics.

Your Research Just Got Easier

Latest Technologies

The team at Knudra keeps up on all the latest genetic engeneering technologies. Let us use our expertise to provide you with the right transgenic.

Cloud integrated

Knudra works off of cloud-based platforms such as the newly developed workspace platform from Benchling


to provide clear plasmid design and DNA sequence analysis on your project.

Expert Consultation

Knudra consults on all projects. With our years of experience in making transgenic models, we can help guide you in the right direction for your project.

Any questions? Please feel free contact us by email below - the green chat icon to right - phone 385-202-3854