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REDIMODEL System.  A transgenic animal model humanized with disease-related genes. Kit provides transgenic C. elegans larva in a liquid format with a protocol for fast and easy discovery of transgene activity.

Select REDIMODEL Kit Types:

  • Obtain gene knockouts with complementary human gene knockins.

  • Get potent tissue-specific expression from  over-expression lines.  

  • Simplify ion-channel work by integrating with Nemametrix ScreenChip system.  

  • Explore receptor mediated toxicity in compound libraries.

RecombiREAD System.  A fluorescent reporter of homologous-repair (HR) activation. Kit provides marker reagent for detecting embryos with highest propensity for targeted gene edit.

Select RecombiREAD Kit Types

  • C. elegans reporter reagent
  • Vertebrate Zebrafish reporter reagent (coming soon)
  • Mammalian reporter reagent (coming soon)
  • RecombiREAD-CE - reporter strain (coming soon)

  • Detect embryos exhibiting homologous repair.

  • Reduce screening efforts by up to 300x.  

  • Choose organism-specific reporter 

  • Transient reporter strain in development for  C. elegans

  • Get the efficient recovery of gene Knock-ins and Knock-outs.

  • Speed the discovery of your next transgenic.

TAVASERV  Transgenics Services Platform

With Over 1,000 Transgenic Lines Delivered, Knudra Has the Expertise to Provide the Transgenics Service You Need.

If you are looking for a genome engineering service to obtain gene knockouts (KOs) or knockins (KIs) for zebrafish or C. elegans, then our TAVASERV platform can be of use to you.  We also offer a variety of transposon-mediated gene insertion services such as MosSCI, Tol2 and PhiC for both targeted and random transgenic production.  Explore the links below to see the transgenesis service types that will fit your needs. 

Please Select Your Transgenic Model Organism


TAVASERV Transgenesis Service Types

You send Knudra a pre-made injection mix. We send you the injected transgenic animals. 


You provide Knudra the injection reagents and we inject, screen, and send you the verified transgenics.


You provide Knudra the idea. We do all the remainder. We make the DNA, perform the injections, screen animals, and send you the verified transgenics.